TokenBridge provides data and token transfer capabilities across EVM chains
The TokenBridge allows users to transfer data (e.g. digital asset ownership information) between two chains in the Ethereum ecosystem. Cross-chain bridges provide fast and secure connections between blockchains, creating scalability and connection - interoperability - between Ethereum networks.
TokenBridge docs are organized in the sidebar menu.
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    ​About TokenBridge: General info and details about the implementation, including a link to the monorepo at​
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    ​Arbitrary Message Bridge (AMB): A bridge designed for universal cross-chain data transfer. Includes parameters, how-tos and examples.
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    Bridge-by-bridge details. Each section includes technical and connection details as well as links to examples and use-cases.
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      ​xDai Bridge: ERC20-to-Native TokenBridge implementation on the Gnosis Chain.
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      ​ETH-xDai AMB: AMB between Ethereum and GC, includes the Multi-token bridge extension.
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      ​Rinkeby-xDai AMB: AMB between Rinkeby testnet and xDai. Used for xMOON projects.
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      ​Kovan-Sokol AMB: Useful for testing applications and extensions.
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      ​ETH-POA AMB: AMB between Ethereum mainnet and POA Network.
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      ​ETH-ETC AMB: AMB between Ethereum Mainnet and Ethereum Classic. Used to create WETC on Ethereum.
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      ​ETH-qDai AMB: Bridge between the experimental Quorum chain and the Ethereum Mainnet.
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      ​ETH-BNC Bridge: combines the TokenBridge + a Threshold Signature Scheme approach to bridge between Ethereum and Binance Chain.

Production asset-transfer bridges

The following bridges are fully-functional in production environments:
  • ​POA Bridge (POA network to Eth Mainnet):The POA Bridge was the first EVM cross-chain production bridge in existence.
  • ​xDai Bridge (Eth Mainnet to Gnosis Chain): The Gnosis chain uses the ERC20-to-Native TokenBridge functionality to provide fast, inexpensive and stable transactions.
  • ​Eth Classic Bridge (Eth Classic to Eth Mainnet): The Eth Classic Bridge connects ETC to ETH, where ETC is available as WETC.
POA Bridge UI