View Cats in BlockScout

Display Cats

Contracts must be verified before you can view and interact with methods. See Verify Contracts in BlockScout for details.

1) Go to BlockScout on Kovan with KittyCore contract address

To view kitties created during the deployment process, use the KittyCore contract address: 0x....12 address ie. or go to the Kovan BlockScout instance and enter the deployed address into the Search bar.
To view kitties you have bridged to Sokol, use the SimpleBridgeKitty address.

2) View all Kitties and their Owners

  • Go to the Inventory section.
  • Click the shortened token hex next to KittyCore, then navigate to the Inventory tab.
Click 0x13ac in this example to access token information
Inventory Tab shows each unique kitties token including Token ID and Owner Address

3) Select the Read Contract section to call different methods.

Read Contract tab displays contract methods and allows for queries
  • Call the getKitty method with the Token ID to get metadata for that cat.
Call getKitty method with the token id (ie. 7) to get the metadata

4) View Individual Cat data

To view an individual NFT, click on the token ID number wherever you see it. This is from the Inventory section view.
Click the ID number to get cat details
Individual cat details, including the image and ability to view and copy Metadata