About the BSC-xDai AMB

BSC-xDai Arbitrary Message Bridge information

The main goal of the Arbitrary Message Bridge between the Binance Smart Chain and the xDai chain is to provide a platform for the OmniBridge connecting both chains.

Similar to other AMBs deployed between other chains, anyone is able to develop and deploy a pair of contracts -- mediators to implement their own logic of interchain communication. Read more about the AMB mediators here.

The mediator contracts rely on the following information about the BSC-xDai Arbitrary Message Bridge:


It is possible to get the status of an AMB transaction using the Live Monitoring app: https://alm-bsc-xdai.herokuapp.com/. Transactions require a multi-sig (for bridge validators, not users) for a successful transfer. Current validators can be viewed with the live monitoring application.

For transactions from the xDai chain manual execution is required. This action delivers the validator confirmations gathered on the xDai chain to the Binance Smart Chain and triggers the transferred message handling.

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