qDai bridge extension

Description of the AMB bridge extension allowing for DAI token transfer

The qDai bridge extension of the ETH-qDai Arbitrary Message Bridge is a pair of mediator contracts where users can transfer DAI stable tokens from the Ethereum Mainnet to the qDai chain and back.

This extension allows users to transform DAI (an ERC20 stable token) on the mainnet into qDai on an EVM-compatible chain. qDai native tokens can then be sent quickly and with 0 cost on the qDai network.

This extension was deployed to demonstrate an ability to transfer assets from a public chain to an enterprise chain. Anyone who owns DAI tokens can use the bridge - DAI is locked in the bridge contract and the same amount of qDai native tokens are minted on the qDai chain. The reverse operation burns qDai tokens on the qDai chain and unlocks DAI tokens on the Ethereum Mainnet.

The code of the mediators implementing this extension can be found here.

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