Send sUSD between two wallets on xDai

Once transferred to the xDai chain, sUSD can be sent easily from address to address.

sUSD can be sent between any two xDai enabled wallets. You will need some amount of sUSD on the xDai chain, as well as some xDai for gas (less than $.01), to send from one wallet to another. To transfer sUSD from the Ethereum Mainnet to the xDai Chain, see the transfer using the bridge extension post.

In this example we use Alpha Wallet, a mobile wallet with built-in xDai support, and Nifty wallet, a web3 enabled wallet similar to MetaMask but better equipped to work with xDai.

1) Assuming you have transferred sUSD to an address on the xDai chain, open that account in your Alpha Wallet. If you need to import an existing account, follow these instructions.

2) Alpha wallet automatically displays all tokens your address contains on both the Ethereum Main network and the xDai chain. Here you can see we have sUSD on Ethereum and sUSD on xDai (chain is denoted by the colored tag).

3) Click the sUSD on the xDai Chain. You will see recent transactions and have the ability to send and receive sUSD. Click Send.

4) Enter (or scan with the camera icon) the address you are sending to. We are sending .2 sUSD. Click Send.

5) Wait a few seconds for the transaction to process, then check the receiver's address using Nifty Wallet. You will not see your token balance immediately - you need to add the token contract to the wallet in order to view.

a) Open Nifty wallet and make sure it is connected to the xDai chain. Click Add Token.

b) Enter the sUSD xDAi Token Contract Address 0x4C36d2919e407f0Cc2Ee3c993ccF8ac26d9CE64eThe additional details will auto-populate. Click Add.

6) You should now see the sUSD token balance on the xDai chain.

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